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Szura's knowledgeable insurance professionals are dedicated to ensuring that our transportation clients are protected from losses arising out of their business operations. We provide transportation insurance products to cover all types of vehicles and fleet sizes. Our unlimited access to transportation insurance companies means we can furnish our customers with the most comprehensive insurance programs at the most competitive prices.
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"The Szura Agency is just what we needed during these difficult times. They not only provided substantial savings, with superior pricing, but they are quick in response to our needs and give excellent and immediate customer service."
Mike Barretta - Technical Logistic Corporation.

Szura Transportation
Insurance Programs
  • Local, Intermediate, & Long Haul trucking coverage available with many carriers.
  • Bobtail & Deadhead.
  • Owner/operators, for hire, private authorities.
  • All forms of Cargo/Motor cargo.
  • Moving companies, expediters, couriers, and heavy haulers.
  • All filings facilitated.
  • Loss of Income/revenue of vehicle unavailability due to claim.
  • Trailer interchange coverage.
  • Special Trucking/Transportation Work Comp programs.
  • Loss control & safety programs available for Trucking/Transportation
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